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Example: you want to find an address in Takamiya, Fukuoka, Fukuoka-ken. e.g.

You don't know the postcode so can't do a quick postcode search, and you have tried to search for "Takamiya" and couldn't find it.

Select "Drill down" from the menu on the front page.

Select "Fukuoka-ken" by clicking the "+" sign. (If you want to see Fukuoka-ken on a map, click the 'm')

You will be given a page of all the cities in Fukuoka ken. Scroll down to Fukuoka (-shi) and click '+'. Again, 'm' will take you to a map of Fukuoka (-shi).

The next page is a list of local areas, (NOT -ku). There are too many to list, so choose the first letter/s. In this case. 'T' for Takamiya.

You will then be shown a list of areas starting with T. Scroll down to Takamiya and click '+'. Again, 'm' will take you to a map, this time of Takamiya.

You will now be shown the address so far. You can make changes by click the 'x' next to each element of the address.

Enter the chome and other numeric information. You should ONLY enter numbers (0 to 9), hyphens and spaces in this field. Hyphens are a pain to enter on a mobile, so we treat spaces as hyphens.

Thus if your address is:
Apartment 303
Takamiya 4 chome 8-12

You would enter either 4 8 12 OR 4-8-12 in the field.

If your handset can't handle Japanese kanji characters, select the "don't show kanji" option. Then do the search.

All being well, you will now have a link to a google map with the address marked on it. Beneath that is the address (with the Japanese, if you opted to show kanji.)

There are several useful options on the result page, you can read the help file * here.


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