Diddlefinger Mobile lets you lookup a Japanese address using only romaji ("English"). It finds the address, then makes a link to a google map of Japan. (diddlefinger has NO association with google.)

That map has Japanese labels. On our desktop website (http://diddlefinger.com/) we add our own English labels to google's map of Japan - but we can't do this for mobile phones.

So - we do the next best thing - on the page with the link, we give you a short list of the labels, in English and Japanese, that you will see on the map. We also tell you the distance to the nearest train/subway stations.

e.g. Perfect? No. But useful....

The quickest way to get to an address is to use the * search. Give us the first few letters of the area, plus the chome, click "lazy search" and we will try to link you to a candidate address. If there is more than one candidate, we will give you a short list.

e.g. to find the address: Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Takamiya, 4-8-12, you can just enter "Takamiya" in the search box and "4 8 12" in the chome box.

You can search over the whole country, or bookmark a page to search just within a particular prefecture or city, e.g. * Tokyo

* Post-code/chome.
It is also possible to jump to an address by entering the yuubin bango ("zip" or "post" code), followed by the chome information.

e.g. "815-0083" and "4-8-12".

* Drill down.
Japanese placenames have many possible English spellings, so if all else fails, the foolproof way to get to an address is to "drilldown", selecting the pref, the city, the area and then entering chome information. In fact, drilldown has another use - drilldown to your city and you can select a page that lets you search just within that city. Bookmark it, if you use diddlefinger a lot.


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