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This page explains the layout of an address result page such as * this one. [You may have found the address by drilling down or doing a postcode/chome or text search.]

The first link - [M]ap - is a link to a google map with the address marked on it. (We have no association with Google.) Beneath it is the address (with the Japanese, if you opted to show kanji.)

The map is in Japanese... Oh Joy Untramelled! But fear not - help is at hand - scroll down and select the options to show links to nearby stations and links to labels for adjacent areas. Then click "go". You will be brough back to the same page, but now with links to nearby stations and nearby areas.(* like this.)These links are labelled in English and Japanese - so if you have even basic kanji skills you can "kanji spot" on the map.

Important: we try to give a bearing and distance to/from the address you have located and the station or label.

Bearings are in an o'clock format: (The top of the map is 12 o'clock, the bottom is 6.)

Stations: bearings are FROM the STATION to the address, and distances may be reasonably accurate "as the crow flies"....

Labels: bearings are FROM the ADDRESS to the label. Distances are VERY approximate, and are roughly to the centre of the labelled area, not its nearest boundary.


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