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With a GPS phone you can find your approximate location in Japan and see local stations, as well as English hints to help you understand a Japanese map.

We think you are browsing with a web-browser or are using an unknown phone - we don't know if it has GPS. (So the following links may not work...)
Note: using GPS may incur additional charges from your carrier.

GPS - for...

* SoftBank
* au/kddi type 1
* au/kddi type 2
* Most FOMA
Mova, some early FOMA

Once you know which link type works on your handset, you can bookmark a special "light" page with the link

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* SoftBank
* au/kddi type 1
* au/kddi type 2
* most FOMA
* MOVA, some FOMA
* Willcom

If we don't support your handset let us know the carrier, model and, if possible, how to create a GPS link for it.


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